Provide strategic portfolio liquidity to clients—just in case they need it—with greater ease and confidence.

Both financial professionals and clients benefit from CreditLink, which helps simplify the steps required to:

  • Apply for a line of credit
  • Request a credit advance
  • Manage open lines

Help clients prepare for almost anything

CreditLink helps make it both practical and manageable to deliver a credit solution.

Credit Access Line, our securities-based line of credit offered by Royal Bank of Canada, features competitive rates and advantageous terms. It can be a powerful wealth management tool because it offers flexible financing for when clients want to seize unexpected opportunities or fund emergency expenses.

Complete underwriting process in as little as three days

With CreditLink, the credit process for RBC Credit Access Line is simplified into three easy steps:

StepClientFinancial professionalCredit department
1. ProposalClient has borrowing needsFinancial professional (FP) calls credit consultant (CC) to discuss credit solutions for client.CC creates credit proposal in CreditLink and sends to FP.
2. ApplicationClient reviews credit proposal from FA.

Client accepts proposal.
FP contacts CC to proceed with application and provide additional client information.Application package is prepared in CreditLink and sent to client via Connect:

• Application

• Documents
3. ApprovalClient completes application and e-signs via Connect.

Note: There is an option to wet sign the application.
FP is copied on completed/ signed application.RBC Credit Access Line is approved and activated. Client requests credit advances and makes payments via Connect.

Monitor and manage risk effectively

The dashboard view in CreditLink provides a summary of the loan to value (LTV) for each financial professional’s entire book of business. From the dashboard, financial professionals can navigate to additional information about recent activity, live lines and current applications.

After clients advance on their lines of credit, the simple and easy-to-use stoplight system provides financial professionals with relevant information to make well-informed decisions.

  • Green indicates clients have drawn equal to or less than 50 percent of their total capacity.
  • Yellow indicates clients have drawn 51–80 percent of their total capacity. They should be cautious—depending on portfolio allocation.
  • Red indicates clients have drawn more than 80 percent of capacity and should be encouraged to reduce their LTV percentage.

See how easy it can be to deliver strategic portfolio liquidity

Helping your clients finance their wealth management goals with RBC Credit Access Line is your opportunity to offer financial flexibility, simplicity and beneficial terms that may help you:

  • Differentiate yourself
  • Offer a competitive advantage
  • Create long-term client interest

CreditLink is the tool that makes this all possible.

RBC Credit Access Line is a securities-based, demand line of credit offered by Royal Bank of Canada, an Equal Opportunity Lender and a bank affiliate of RBC Capital Markets, LLC. Subject to Credit Approval. Securities-based loans involve special risks, are subject to minimum collateral requirements, and are not suitable for everyone. Additional restrictions may apply.

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