Why our clients choose us


Ask our clients why they selected us for clearing, execution and custody services, and you’ll get a variety of answers. That’s because our clients have unique needs that deserve more than a “one-size-fits-all” approach.

Some choose us for our innovative technology. Some for our fiscal responsibility. And some for our world-class resources. However, they all agree that one of our greatest strengths is our service- and relationship-oriented culture.

We serve more than 300 firms from coast to coast. In their own words, read what your peers who have transitioned to us have to say about their experience. Then imagine how we can help you accomplish the specific goals you have for your own business.*

“What really attracted us to RBC Clearing & Custody is their open architecture. Rather than always trying to build it themselves, they are really just out there looking to get best in breed. We wanted to be at a firm that was influenced heavily by the advisors. We wanted a firm that was making decisions that wasn’t driven totally by a bank platform or a discount broker platform — but it was built to our service model. People that were financial advisors, wealth managers, financial planners.”
Dan Joyce
Moors & Cabot
“As a money manager, we chose RBC Clearing & Custody for three reasons: confidence in their stability, the responsiveness of their people and the freedom they give us to model our business our way. We value the strength of RBC as our custodian. We have a reliable and long-term relationship and that helps us pay attention to clients and what we do well.”
Mark C. Rodgers
Monongahela Capital Management

Mark Rodgers
Monongahela Capital Management
“As our business continues to grow, it is important for us to be aligned with a clearing provider that is organized and streamlined. The improved responsiveness and access to a greater number of solutions has proved to be a great fit for Lake Street and has allowed us to achieve new heights. I think other institutional broker-dealers should know RBC Clearing & Custody provides a strong, comprehensive service and that we’ve been very pleased with our move.”
Tom Cullum
Founding Partner, CEO
Lake Street Capital Markets, LLC
“When looking for a clearing firm, you’re looking for a partner that is going to complement your business and collaborate with you every step of the way. We feel that RBC has addressed both of these issues extremely well. 
When we first made the decision to go with RBC Clearing & Custody, we realized that the technology that RBC offered was definitely a fit for us. After we were there for a year, we looked back and think this was probably the best decision we ever made, not only for the firm, but also for our brokers and clients.”
Nancy Mullally
Alamo Capital
“RBC Clearing & Custody offers much more than the other custodians in terms of technology and investment platform. Also, the support we receive – including the on-boarding assistance they provided – is nothing shy of extraordinary. It’s a terrific relationship. We are happy and our clients are satisfied.”
Lu Zhou
Founder and President
Vanquour, LLC
“It’s critically important for our team to focus on what we do best. And having RBC Clearing & Custody on our side, every step of the way, has helped us deliver big wins for our clients. This has led us to strengthen our relationships and ultimately add more value, added services. RBC truly has a culture of service, which is really the biggest differentiator from our previous firm. When we were looking for a custodial partner, we needed to make sure that we had somebody with not only name recognition, but a pristine reputation. And RBC was simply that.”
Ryan Diepstra
Managing Director of Sales and Senior Financial Advisor
Centennial Securities
“RBC Clearing & Custody has been one of our go-to custodians for many years. Their continuity and their responsiveness has been important to our firm’s success. One of the things we really like is their ability and willingness to structure their service model in a way that aligns with our business model. Compared to some other custodians, I think RBC does a superior job of working with us to most effectively serve our clients.”
Daniel J. McEnroe
Senior Managing Director and Co-Founder
Chief Compliance Officer
Azimuth Capital Management.
“It’s been somewhat of a delight doing business with RBC Clearing & Custody. They’ve lived up to their promises. They’ve helped open doors to new opportunities for us. They’re support is dependable. So I don’t feel like I need to worry about anything they help us do. And that lets me focus more on other aspects of running my business.”
Max Kamp
Continental Investors Services, Inc.
“Our strategic relationship with RBC Clearing & Custody is critical to our business. We chose RBC Clearing & Custody because of their approach to open architecture, technology innovation and their commitment to top tier service that our financial professionals and clients demand. Issues and challenges do arise, but we’ve found that RBC Clearing & Custody is willing to dig in and solve the challenges with us and for that we very much appreciate their strong support.”
Mark Garrett
Executive Chairman
Moors & Cabot Inc.
“The technology stack is not only beneficial to us as an introducing firm, but it’s also fabulous for clients from an overall experience standpoint.”
Mat Gleason
President of FBL Wealth Management, LLC and FBL Marketing Services, LLC Farm Bureau Financial Services
“I encourage RIAs to give RBC Clearing & Custody a good look because they may be surprised to learn how the firm can meet their needs better than other firms.”
Bilal Kaleem
Managing Partner
Hoopoe Advisors
“The people we interact with at RBC Clearing & Custody is the reason we’ve been with you for over 25 years. I feel like they care about our firm and care about our success.”
Ted Moloney
President and COO
Moloney Securities Co., Inc.
“I find RBC BLACK to be a valuable suite of programs that increase my productivity, minimizing my time in the office while maximizing my time with clients and greatly enhances the client experience. Advisors not utilizing and learning about this technology suite are doing a disservice to themselves and their clients.”
Empire Asset Management Company
“What I like about RBC Clearing & Custody is if I have something out of the ordinary, I have my client service rep I can call, and that’s a big help.”
Karin Mueller-Paris
Partner, Client Relations
F&V Capital Management, LLC
“I believe RBC Clearing & Custody is truly committed to helping grow my business. They honestly care about our success.”
Robert Villaflor
CEO, Sprott Global Resource Investments Ltd.
President, Sprott Asset Management USA
“RBC Clearing & Custody provides a diverse base of solutions for our clients. They help us provide clients with wealth management and private banking services including complex investment vehicles. We can meet any of our client’s needs.”
Michael R. Sanders
Principal, Chief Investment Officer
5C Capital Management, LLC
“We have stock pickers, fixed income bond experts, portfolio managers, wealth managers, and financial planners that hire third-party managers who manage everything on behalf of the client. It’s important for us to support any rep’s business, no matter what it is.”
Russell King
Chairman and CEO
Oak Ridge Financial Services Group, Inc.
“RBC Clearing & Custody does a good job of providing earnings and research calls, or compliance calls regarding new regulations. We just have to utilize the services.”
David Coker
Coker & Palmer, Inc.

*Client testimonials may not represent the experience of other clients. Past performance is no guarantee of future results. No firm or person was compensated for their testimony. RBC Clearing & Custody, a division of RBC Capital Markets, LLC, Member NYSE/FINRA/SIPC.

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