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Enjoy dedicated support and training so you can take full advantage of our services and solutions to help grow your business.

The services and solutions we deliver impact your business in a meaningful way. We recognize firms like yours have unique needs and you deserve more than a “one-size-fits-all” approach to service.

That’s why we provide personalized support and training throughout your relationship with us.

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When you begin your relationship with us, you are assigned a dedicated client service manager and an onboarding manager. Together, they spearhead a team of onboarding and training specialists who help you move client accounts and assets to our clearing and custody platform.

During onboarding, we provide one-on-one training on our processes, technology and suite of financial products. Based on your learning preferences, training may be done in person, through videoconferencing or online on-demand. Helping you and your financial professionals feel confident using our platform to run, grow and protect your business is a top priority for us.

Ongoing training and support

Your client service manager learns about you, your business priorities and what makes your firm unique. They contact you regularly to meet your service expectations, ask about your changing needs and discuss capabilities for you to consider.

In addition, they work with our training specialists to help you learn about new technologies, products and services as they are added to our ever-growing platform. So you are always up-to-date and ready to take advantage of the latest solutions available.

When you need help right away

We offer attentive, responsive support when you contact us with specific questions. You always have a direct line to your client service manager as well as all operations departments. Should you wish to go directly to product departments, our experienced staff who support the solutions and tools you use always welcome your calls.

For general support

Our business support team can fulfill service-related questions on RBC Clearing & Custody products and services, training on RBC Clearing & Custody applications and system functionality. This includes answering “how-do-I” questions and serving as the core support for technology.

For end client support

Our client support service team can help answer non-investment-related questions—from you and your clients—pertaining to the client portal as well as RBC Visa cards, online bill pay and other cash management capabilities.

Strategic consulting

Our business is getting to know yours. Whether you are a broker-dealer or a registered investment advisor, we have an in-depth understanding of the different service models you have to choose from. We are industry leaders who can offer insights on:

  • Financial matters relevant to you and your clients
  • Business challenges you may currently face
  • How to achieve long-term results

Our consulting services can help insurance firms either expand their offering to include investments or expand their existing investment offering to include universal wealth management solutions. We also consult with institutional broker-dealers to help them effectively accomplish their specific business goals.

Our consulting services have the potential to help firms create new revenue streams, establish competitive advantages, improve share of wallet and optimize the lifetime value of your clients.

RBC does a good job of providing earnings and research calls, or compliance calls regarding new regulations. We just have to utilize the services.”

Karin Mueller-Paris
Partner, Client Relations
F&V Capital Management, LLC

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