Offer the best possible advice—and show clients why strategies are appropriate

Sometimes clients want to know why you make certain recommendations. And they always want to know whether they are on track. Increasingly, clients also want their financial professionals to be able to put performance numbers into perspective for them.

We have selected Addepar to help us deliver a robust client reporting solution. Addepar is an industry leader that offers a full suite of analysis and reporting tools coupled with a dynamic interface that we think offers a premium experience to our clients.

Our performance reporting solution unifies client data into a format that is simple for you to evaluate. It also helps you easily serve up the information your clients need to see to review performance.

Our performance reporting benefits

  • Group accounts into household accounts to analyze assets together
  • Pre-built analysis views can eliminate wasted preparation and execution time
  • Customizable on-demand investment performance and analytics for any ownership grouping
  • Complete view of client holdings provides a true assessment of portfolio performance
  • See performance over any time period to evaluate goal and risk alignment
  • Security level performance and attribution
  • Determine where adjustments need to be made
  • Fully integrated with advisory account management
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