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Take advantage of authoritative research and access to market information available from RBC Capital Markets and other leading industry sources.

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Gain a competitive edge with research

Robust research platform: RBC Insight

RBC Insight is our research platform made available to clients of RBC Clearing & Custody. It offers you industry-leading research reports, news and picks from top analysts—all in one convenient web portal, accessed through RBC Nexus. These include:

  • RBC Capital Markets
    Industry-leading equity research covering more than 1,000 companies in all major industry sectors in North America. Information includes fundamental equity, global energy, technical analysis and investment strategy from the RBC Capital Markets research team.
  • RBC WM PAG U.S. Equities
    Timely recommended lists, strategic portfolios and client-centered proprietary research from the Portfolio Advisory Group at RBC Wealth Management. Please browse the Global Insight 2024 Outlook for an example of the valuable economic insights and market commentary available.
  • RBC WM PAG U.S. Fixed Income
    Market commentary, portfolio strategies and municipal markets updates from the Portfolio Advisory Group at RBC Wealth Management.
  • Argus
    Full-service independent research that includes economic and stock market forecasts, model portfolio strategies and equity recommendations for approximately 600 leading companies ranging across 60 industries.
  • UBS
    Access daily summaries and sector highlights—as well as recommended lists, company reports and sector reports—provided by a team of 550 analysts, economists and strategists covering 3,500 stocks globally and more than 1,000 stocks in the U.S.
  • The Street, Inc.
    Offers access to more than 6,000 stock research reports. Investment analysis built on a hybrid approach that combines both quantitative and qualitative research.
  • Morningstar
    Equity research from more than 100 Morningstar analysts covering 1,500 companies globally.

Supplementary research

RBC Nexus is also your gateway to a broad range of additional sources of top-quality research.

  • RBC research
    Take advantage of economic and market insights from the industry-leading analysts from RBC Capital Markets and RBC Global Asset Management teams.
  • RBC Wealth Management research reports
    Trend & Cycle  (technical market commentary) and Global Insight (economic and market commentary) are just two examples of the expertise available to help financial professionals and clients make informed decisions.
  • Mutual fund research
    Current mutual fund information helps financial professionals build solid mutual fund portfolios.
  • Managed account research
    The latest information about independent portfolio managers is available through our fee-based investment programs who have passed our rigorous due diligence screening process. We only work with managers who have strong track records in performance, integrity and client service.
  • Third-party providers
    Gain access to quality research directly from your choice of trusted third-party providers listed for your convenience on RBC Marketplace.

Get the latest market information and data

Help financial professionals make well-informed decisions

RBC Clearing & Custody also provides access to leading sources of market data and market-related information—all suited to your specific portfolio management needs.


Today’s dynamic and fast-paced business environment demands an efficient and nimble advisory practice. Thomson ONE supports and empowers advisors by delivering market data and actionable insights. The streamlined approach boosts efficiency and frees financial professionals to concentrate on building and enhancing both new and existing client relationships. The RBC Clearing & Custody Thomson ONE solutions offers the choice of three different packages through Refinitiv.


The Quodd Equity+ Securities Workstation allows financial professionals to view market quotes, charts, news and fundamental data. It is easy to customize, mobile friendly and offers real-time or intraday capabilities. Real-time data is provided with easy compliance and high-touch support. To help support mid- and back-office operations, delivery of end-of-day global market data is also available.

Additional third-party providers

Gain access to other market data providers directly from your choice of trusted third-party partners listed for your convenience on RBC Marketplace.

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