How would you like to reduce the amount of time it takes to open new accounts from days to just minutes? And what if you could streamline the paperwork for your end clients, your financial professionals and your back office staff as well?

Clients can sign documents with one click—from anywhere 24/7

Reimagine the way your firm opens accounts. You can offer a fully digital account opening experience with RBC Account Opening and Servicing (RBC AOS)—developed in collaboration with Docupace Technologies. RBC AOS offers end-to-end automation opportunities to increase efficiency, reduce risk and confirm process integrity.

RBC AOS benefits

  • Enables up-front data validation
  • Gathers information via a wizard-based, dynamic user interface
  • Prepares complete and accurate paperwork through robust validations
  • Eliminates double-entry of information with a fully integrated platform
  • Allows configurable workflows by firm
  • Offers branding opportunities with firm-specific documents, disclosures and client emails
  • Provides full event history and WORM-compliant storage for audit tracking
  • Delivers a paper option with all the advantages of digital processing

Plus, your firm may choose to use RBC's Master Service Agreement to greatly simplify and modernize account opening and servicing for clients.

Streamlining client account onboarding is only the beginning of what AOS can do.

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