Make a difference in your business

Accessed from RBC Nexus, RBC BLACK further enhances the core RBC technology offering with a premium integrated vendor solution.

  • CircleBlack — account aggregation
  • MoneyGuidePro® — financial planning
  • Redtail — customer relationship management
  • Riskalyze — risk alignment
  • Riskalyze Trading — rebalancing

Transform the way you do business

Offered exclusively by RBC Clearing & Custody, RBC BLACK delivers the tools your financial professionals need to serve clients efficiently and effectively.

Functionality from leading fintech providers is available seamlessly and securely within RBC BLACK. From its intuitive control panel, your financial professionals can view their entire books of business in one place, with one sign-on, from any device.

You and your financial professionals also get all of these capabilities at a savings of up to 80 percent less than the cost of purchasing each solution separately.

Enjoy the benefits of a better technology experience

RBC BLACK is the only custodian-driven technology platform to effortlessly bring together the account aggregation, planning and risk software required to deliver personalized planning-oriented advice.

This platform incorporates affordable tools to help financial professionals acquire more assets and automate processes for efficiency in their daily practices. It also helps identify clients who would benefit from moving from commission to fee-based accounts.

We needed a dashboard and platform where our advisors could manage not just wealth, assets and risk, but people, and their goals and plans. RBC BLACK does all that.
Ryan Diepstra
CRCP™, Chief Operating Officer
Centennial Securities
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