RBC has dealer agreements with more than 250 mutual fund families. These agreements are available for your firm, so we can help you offer your clients access to well over 12,000 load and no-load mutual funds.

Plus, our no transaction fee (NTF) mutual fund program allows you to buy, sell and exchange hundreds of no-load, load-waived and load mutual funds without incurring ticket charges.

The NTF program gives you a cost-effective way to consolidate a client’s mutual fund holdings.

Unit investment trusts (UITs)

Your financial professionals can purchase UITs for clients directly through the RBC UIT Trading Desk. A complimentary online system is also available to help make it easy for your team to select and purchase UITs.

Exchange traded funds (ETFs)

Financial professionals can purchase nearly 350 ETFs with no transaction fees from First Trust and WisdomTree.

Fixed income


Your financial professionals will have complimentary access to the extensive fixed income inventory of RBC and more than 200 other firms. Financial professionals can view, buy and sell fixed income securities efficiently.


Your financial professionals can contact the Fixed Income Services team for value-added trading and quality trade executions. This team has full access to the RBC trading desks’ experience and analytics, and proactively shares sales and trading ideas with financial professionals and traders at your firm. Our trading and service area can also assist your financial professionals in choosing the best bonds for clients, building bond ladders and developing other strategies.

Structured notes

RBC offers structured notes to provide clients with exposure to an unlimited range of asset classes from equities to commodities, currency or changes in rates or the yield curve. We also provide technology to help streamline all information financial professionals need to know about structured products into one place.

Alternative investments

Financial professionals may hold varying types of non-publicly traded securities in clients’ custodial brokerage accounts.


Your clients can purchase stocks either through our standard brokerage account or, if appropriate, through one of our advisory programs.


We support execution, clearing and custody of options using the Chicago Board of Options Exchange, the American, Philadelphia and Pacific Stock Exchanges.

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