Participating Banks

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Interest Rates

As of January 24, 2023

RBC Insured Deposits Balances Interest Rate/APY 1
Below $100,000 0.85%
$100,000–$249,999 0.90%
$250,000–$499,999 1.11%
$500,000–$999,999 1.51%
$1MM–$1,999,999 2.02%
$2MM–$4,999,999 3.30%
$5MM+ 3.35%

Interest rates are determined based on the total client account RBC Insured Deposits balance. RBC Insured Deposits balances are reviewed daily to determine the appropriate interest rate tier for each account.

1 APY = Annual Percentage Yield. At the discretion of RBC Capital Markets, LLC, interest rates may change at any time without notice.


RBC Insured Deposits 1

Through our relationships with non-affiliate banks, RBC Insured Deposits sweeps cash from your investment account into interest-bearing deposit accounts established for you by RBC Capital Markets, LLC at one or more banks insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC). RBC Insured Deposits is designed to provide you with up to $5 million of FDIC coverage.

1 Availability is subject to certain restriction. RBC Insured Deposits (the program) is designed to provide $5 million in FDIC insurance coverage per depositor in each insurable ownership capacity. Each deposit account constitutes a direct obligation of the program bank and is not directly or indirectly an obligation of RBC Capital Markets, LLC. More information regarding FDIC insurance is available at .
You can view the current program interest rates and the list of banks currently in the program by selecting Program Interest Rates and Tiers and Program Banks. For more information, please review the RBC Insured Deposits Program Terms and Conditions .